The future doesn’t wait in a line. Innovative solutions in retail.

Customer requirements and desires go with the times. Today's customers appreciate convenient, fast and safe service. To ensure this, we are constantly innovating, which improves the quality of service, collects...

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VVN - verified choice of customers and business partners

We are proud of our company's business processes and values, as evidenced by the highest company creditworthiness rating - AAA - awarded by Bisnode Latvia. We will continue our work...

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Safe environment for employees and customers

Every day, we work to render reliable and professional support to retailers, being able to provide the best solutions that help our customers operate efficiently and grow in the long...

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UX – a rack resistant to wind and snow

UX racking systems are suitable for outdoor storage and are made with increased resistance to wind and snow. According to the customer’s needs, we design, manufacture and install UX racking...

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Intelligent shelf – the perfect solution for retail

The intelligent shelf system completely changes the way products are managed in the store. Intelligent shelf gives unprecedented analytical capabilities that will help optimize inventory management in the store. Our...

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HX pallet shelving system

By choosing HX pallet shelving system you will obtain innovative solutions that will make day-to-day work more efficient. HX pallet shelves possess high level of load stability and the broadest...

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The latest trends in the checkout counters of shops

It’s known that a loyal client is the base for successful business. Due to rapid development of technologies and change in the offered options, also the clients’ wishes and habits...

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Integrated solutions to improve sales efficiency. DSM - shop assortment management system

Earning more not always means working more, mostly it means working wiser and more efficiently. Due to technological development, if you act wise, such goal of the company can be...

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Harmonized equipment of shops and warehouses – environment that is pleasant for the client

The choice of clients increasingly tends to shops, where they feel emotionally good and get pleasant feelings. A well-considered interior and equipment of shops creates positive emotions that stimulates to...

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